Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More on bad people managers

So, there's this friend of mine.
He's spent 22 months with his current company, a BPO that refuses to acknowledge that people join this industry because it offers faster growth & better salaries than other industries.

A BPO that's packed with top management bereft of "relevant work ex", and one that refuses to act on the advice of it's staff that possess that work ex! Totally oblivious to the proverb "Only the spoon knows what cooking in the pot"! Surely they know what happens to kings who don't listen to their advisors? Surely they can fathom what would've happened to the great Chandragupta Maurya had he not paid heed to Chanakya?

As things stand today, this friend of mine can't stand being in this company anymore. He's started looking out. One of 2 things will happen now:
  • He will find a job to his liking & leave.
  • The company will promote him, give what's overdue, in order to retain him.
What the company doesn't realize is that someone this dissatisfied will leave even after this promotion!!!

Either way, their mismanagement of his expectations & his perception of where his career is going is leading to another victory for Mr. A!

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