Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Magical World of the BPO

I'm a BPO-ite. Have been for over 4 years now.

The reason this Blog has come into existence is because our Magical World now needs it's Knights in Shining Armour. The *edia (profanity is prohibited on this Blog) instead of hailing all that our Industry is doing for the people of this Country (and others), is busy vilifying us.

There is a lot we have to thank the BPO Industry for. Some of the reasons why India's collective conciousness should send up silent thanks are:
The growth of the BPO has given impetus to the Real Estate, Catering, Recruitment and Retailing Industries. Our economy is on a high, thanks to the increased availability of cash. People are investing in houses, buying cars, clothes and a lot more. Since we are a people centric business, Hiring, Training, Man-Management & Employee Engagement have become buzzwords that every employee speaks. There is a science to running the business that didn't exist for the 4 years that I spent in *ales! ;-)

Therefore, my collablogger (the Monk) and I [King Arthur ;-) ] will henceforth stoutly refute any irresponsible aspersions that anyone casts on our bread & butter. Should be fun!

Also, as this Blog grows, each of the BPO-benefits mentioned above will be expanded upon in individual posts.

Watch this space!


david raphael israel said...

OpinionArthur, a small question, if I may: what's BPO stand for? (seriously I don't know).
thanks, d.i.

Arthur said...

DI, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing.